At Cobra’s Taekwondo Training Centre, our curriculum is based around Sport Taekwondo, with participating in competitions optional.

We do not practice poomsae (forms) in our school. For students that want to learn poomsae, they can do so by arranging private lessons.  Our belt promotions are comprised of the following elements.
* Technical Proficiency
* Character
* Work Ethic
* Advancement of Skills
* Fitness Tests
* Self Defence
* Board Breaking
* Olympic style Sparring

Each student will be graded on a personal standard and not compared to others. Students will be expected to give their own personal best efforts in training in order to advance in ranks.

Belt Testing will be held 4 – 5 times per year.  Students must pass pre-testing (which is no cost) in order to remain on the testing list for Promotion Day.

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