Belt Exam – Big Success

Congratulations to 7 students who were promoted in our 16th belt promotion!!! You all did fantastic.

Nothing given, only earned. We are very proud of the work ethic and perseverance you showed during the exam and during your practices from your previous testing or when you first started training.IMG_6011

Hard work pays off!

Promoted to Red Belt – Brandon Benoit

Promoted to Blue Belt – Trenton Blackbird

Promoted to Green Belt –  Maddux Beuckelare

Promoted to Yellow Belt –  Noah Constancio

  • Cole Constancio
  • Kyler McCracken
  • Cohen Constancio

Increditable Results At The First Local Tournament Of the 2015/2016 Season

Results from the athletes that competed at the Jung Ko Classics held in Markham on October 03 at the Markham Pan Am Centre.

Maddux Beuckelare 6-7 years old yellow/green stripe – GOLD

Jayson Reno 8-9 years old green/blue stripe – SILVER

Keegan Kovar 10-11 years old black belt fin weight – GOLD

Trenton Blackbird 10-11 years old black belt middle weight – BRONZEIMG_5114 IMG_5129 IMG_5153 IMG_5170 IMG_5179 IMG_5189 IMG_5193 IMG_5195 IMG_5198 IMG_5205 IMG_5218 IMG_5222 IMG_5241 IMG_5270 IMG_5289 IMG_5297 IMG_5298 IMG_5309 IMG_5320 IMG_5333 IMG_5335 IMG_5337 IMG_5339

Eric Rose Memorial Tournament

Our team achieved fantastic results this past weekend at the 2015 Eric Rose Memorial Tournament in Taylor, Michigan

Team Results

Keegan Kovar – gold
Katey Kovar – gold
Trenton Blackbird  – gold
Maddux Buecklare – silver
Cassandra Legroulx – bronze
Jayson Reno – bronze

In addition our teammates from Sarnia Olympic Taekwondo Academy achieved the following results

Danielle Ennett – gold
Chloe Pretty – gold
Urvashi Thongam  – gold
Akshay Thongam – silver

Some photos of the CTTC students at the event are below. Click the photo for the full resolution image

Great Work everybody!

DSC01411 DSC01532 DSC01592 DSC01722 DSC01772 DSC01827 DSC01865 DSC01520